Roundtable on nutrition improvements in the Kyrgyz Republic

April 13, 2018 the roundtable on the topic “Nutrition improvements in the Kyrgyz Republic”, organized by Agricultural Productivity and Nutrition Improvement Project, was held at the National Center for Health Promotion (NCHP).
The purpose of the roundtable: Familiarization of partners with the results of the formative research on nutrition improvement.
The delegates of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic,
NCHP, and donor of organizations (WFP UNO, UNICEF, Mercyco and CADC) have participated in the roundtable.
With opening speech on behalf of the Project Implementation Unit “Agricultural Productivity and Nutrition Improvement Project” acted –Samara Orozalieva -Public Relations and Communications/Social specialist. She made the report on project activities in general and on Component 3 activities particularly on nutrition improvements.
Further with her speech was acted Judiann McNulty – a PIU international dietary diversification consultant, which introduced participants with the results of the formative research on nutrition in households.
The review of the results of final SRING survey, as well as the role of mass media and other communication channels in promotion of nutrition issues was reported by Aida Shermatova, an USAID behavior change specialist.
The next presentation on the development of further steps to promote project activities on nutrition issues among the population and health workers was presented by Saikal Bozova – PIU Component 3 Coordinator.
The group work to strengthen activities on behavior change among the population on nutrition issues, identification of priority groups, use of communication channels was organized during the roundtable.
The roundtable was held at a high level. The participants of the Roundtable have wished to hold such platforms for discussion nutrition issues, as often as possible.

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