PIU environmental and social specialists have conducted a public hearing in the WUA “Bolkuldok-Suu” of Talas rayon of Talas oblast

Under the “Agricultural Productivity and Nutrition Improvement Project” on February 27, 2018, a public hearing on environmental and social issues was held at the WUA Bolkuldok-Suu in Talas rayon of Talas oblast. This activity was held due to the fact that WUA “Bolkuldok-Suu” was included in the list of subprojects subject to rehabilitation under the APNIP project.
The purpose of the public hearing was to inform water users and their families on project activities, in particular the World Bank environmental and social safeguards.
The opening speech was made by the head of Berdike Baatyr ayil okmotu – Borbashov M.T., who briefly told the audience on project, as well as the existing issues in this aiyl okmotu and the WUA. Then the floor was given to the project consultant on environmental protection – T. I. Neronova. In her speech, she has introduced WUA water users and villagers with the Component 1 activities “Rehabilitation and modernization of irrigation and drainage schemes”, as well as with the World Bank policy on environmental protection.
Then the speech was made by APNIP project social specialist – Orozalieva S.M. She told the participants on forthcoming activities of Component 2 “Agricultural Advisory Services” and Component 3 “Nutrition Improvements”. She has noted the importance of Component 3 for women, adolescent girls and children. She has told on the World Bank safeguard policy OP 4.12 “Forced resettlement”, as well as the Grievance Redress Mechanism related to the project activities.
A total of 48 people has participated in the public hearing, 14 of them were women. Water users have taken an active part in the discussion of environmental and social issues. They told on their pressing problems and expressed their desire to participate in all activities held under the APNIP project.

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