APNIP Project practical assistance for joint practice of Dzheti-Oguz rayon and FPC of Ak-suu rayon of the Issyk-Kul oblast

The month of July current year was full of many trips to the regions of our country aimed to inform the population on activities held by the project and to provide practical assistance in terms of consulting medical workers of Family Practice Centers (FPC), Family Doctors Group (FDG), feldsher and accoucheur points (FAP) on nutrition of children, adolescent girls, pregnant women and women of reproductive age.

In early July specialists of the project and Component 3 “Nutrition improvements” have visited with the fieldtrip to Issyk-Kul oblast.

During the fieldtrips meeting with the Head of the Department of social monitoring and development of the office of the Authorized representative of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in Issyk-Kul oblast Isakova Baktygul Satarovna was held and with specialist of this Department E. K. Chydynova on which was articulated goals and tasks Component 3 and discussed planned activities. B. S. Isakova expressed gratitude to the project management for the assistance provided to the region and noted the importance of Component 3 activities for the population of the oblast.

In addition, medical staff of Health Organization of Kyzyl-Suu and Orgochor ayil aimaks was informed, WUA “Belsovkhoz-O” of Dzheti-Oguz rayon and Karakol and Otradneno ayil aimaks, WUA “Tasma-Karanar” of Ak-Suu rayon of Issyk-Kul oblast of the planned activities component 3. The events dedicated to the world breastfeeding week from August 1 to 7, 2018 under the motto “Breastfeeding – the basis of life” were discussed.

Further, a meeting was held with the FPC Director Ak-Suu rayon K.B. Alimbekov and FPC medical staff of Dzheti-Oguz rayon: Deputy Director Ch. M. Ibraimova, Head of FPC S. O. Taabaldieva, coordinator for breastfeeding Ch. Atakeeva.

A presentation on Issyk-Kul oblast television to inform beneficiaries and stakeholders on project activities as a whole and the activities of Component 3 “Nutrition Improvements” was organized, in particular.

During the fieldtrip, a meeting was also held with the activist and women of the self-help group of the Karakol ayil aimak with a visit to the gardens of SHG members, where beets, cabbage, carrots and cucumbers are grown. SHG members noted that the project has a positive impact on the standard of living and well-being of the population, after training, women housewives began to actively engage in the garden. The activist and SHG members have expressed gratitude the project management and the World Bank for their assistance.


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