Contract awarding: replication of PIU information materials

“Agricultural Productivity and Nutrition Improvement Project”
Grant # TF0A0645
Kyrgyz Republic
Bid/contract No.: # APNIP/C.3/G/S/05-1

Description of the contract: Replication of PIU information materials (booklets, roll-ups, stands, diaries and etc.)


# Name of bidder Currency


Read off value of the bid
1 LLC “Triada Print” KGS 161 200.0
2 LLC “BS Prof” KGS 177 250.0
3 LLC “Kirland” KGS 169 325.0
4 LLC “M Maxima” KGS 141 400.0

Contract duration: 20 days
Currency of evaluation: Kyrgyz som
The contract awarded to the bidder: LLC “Triada Print”
Address: Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek city, Gogol Street, 28/a.
Bid price: 161 200.0 Kyrgyz soms
Appraised value: 161 200.0 Kyrgyz soms;
The value of the Contract: 161 200.0 Kyrgyz soms;
Rejected bids: LLC “M Maxima” for some items do not meet the technical requirements.
LLC “BS Prof” for some items do not meet the technical requirements, also in the bid no signature and the seal is not affixed.

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