Increasing the capacity of health care professionals in infant and young child nutrition

From November 29 to December 5, 2018, national trainers of PA “Family Medicine Specialists” under the project “Improving Agricultural Productivity and Nutrition”, DWRLI, held 8 cascade trainings on the topic: “Infant and young child nutrition”, for 181 primary health care workers.

The problem of a child’s nutrition should be considered precisely as a problem of national security and its solution should begin with what children’s life begins with; with the support of breastfeeding, adequate complementary feeding, nutrition of pregnant and lactating women. Upon completion of training, health workers will be able to provide counseling and support to mothers on infant and young child feeding.

Family doctors, medical assistants of first aid centers and family nurses, health promotion offices specialists of the pilot Ayil Aimaks` were trained on counseling of mothers on breastfeeding, correct and timely introduction of complementary foods, feeding children from 6 months to 2 years of age. It is very important to advise mothers with children up to 2 years that breastfeeding and complete feeding may affect the health, mental abilities, a child`s success in literacy and future employment.

It also important to stress on the fact that this is only the beginning of a large work under the Project to improve the quality of medical services related to the nutrition of children, adolescent girls, women of reproductive age, pregnant and lactating women. In subsequent years, it is planned to train medical workers and specialists in health promotion cabinets through which residents of the pilot 60 Ayil Aimaks of the Kyrgyz Republic will receive qualified medical assistance in nutrition and the prevention of anemia.

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