“Field Day” – a platform for sharing experiences

“Field Day” – in its form is an exhibition and demonstration platform for farmers, presentations of the supporting organizations of the APNIP project, informing the project specialists about its objectives and promotion, involving local self-government in solving issues of the project sites. In terms of content, this event was conceived as an opportunity to exchange experience and results of SHG members, communication with consultant-trainers.

By solving its main goal – improving production productivity and communicating great opportunities and ways to diversify the diet of families, the project indirectly identifies vital issues of the work and life of farmers.

During the pandemic, it was revealed that the majority of villagers have difficulties with the availability of mobile internet, there are no modern communication devices or there are not enough of them in the family for distance learning; often farmers do not have the skills to use the wide possibilities of modern technologies.

But on the other hand, being placed in conditions of strict self-isolation, women have demonstrated flexibility in solving emerging problems, the ability to adapt to changing requirements, learning, and the ability to interact.

Thus, members of the SHG under APNIP note that through trainings and training activities they have received theoretical and practical knowledge on growing and caring for agricultural crops, on their use in the diet of their families, learned about modern methods of processing and storage of products, about the basics of organic agriculture, acquired the skills of composting, the use of biological products.

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