Together we will change the world for the better!

Activist of the third component of the APNIP, Arzybaeva Azada, since May of this year, began working in Kyrgyz-Kyshtak and Alga Ayil Aimaks of Kadamjai rayon of Batken oblast. Due to the current situation related to the pandemic, she had to get acquainted with colleagues – project staff remotely. But, despite this, she clearly understood what kind of work she had to do. Azada had previously been a member of the Village Health Committee (VHC) and had extensive experience working with the community. After completing the first stage of training on project activities and social mobilization, she organized an APNIP project corner in her home and made a large poster – project banner with her own hand. According to her, first of all, she tried to create a workplace for herself, which made her feel more confident and comfortable in holding online workshops.

The activist also began to keep a diary, in which she wrote down her impressions of the project, her plans, and goals.

From the diary of Arzybaeva A.:

25/05/2020, began to create initiative groups (IG) in target communities. Due to the current situation, works carried out online. She have talked on the phone with the heads of Kyrgyz-Kyshtak and Alga AA, and also have talked with the leaders and activists of the villages. It was so nice when all the people with whom I spoke, despite the current situation, were ready to help and assist in the creation of new IG.

06/08/2020, together with IG members drew maps of the villages. This is a very correct approach to the project in working with households. After all, with the help of the map, it will be easy for us to identify the families in which children and mothers live “in the period of 1000 days” or in the work of volunteers it will be easy to divide households to disseminate information.

07/14/2020 today were trained on varied family’s nutrition and mothers’ nutrition for a period of 1000 days. After the seminar, I decided to radically change my diet. It turns out that I did so many things wrong! Now that I know what is good for my family, I will try to stick to healthy nutrition. A simple example, when I went to the market, I tried to buy cheaper products and in large quantities, so that it would last for a long time. But, now I will buy a little bit of everything, and most importantly, more useful and different products. I will buy fortified flour, iodized salt, more vegetables, and fruits. Now I tell everyone that in order to be healthy and build a bright future, you must eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle. I like being useful to society. If each of us will try, together we will change the world for the better!

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