Mastering a new learning format

The agro season of 2020 is taking place in the context of overcoming the restrictions due to COVID-19, which affected not only the agro-activities of the SHG members but also the process of teaching them agrotechnologies.

The training companies involved in the APNIP project – Rural Advisory Services Jalal-Abad and PF TAIC – transferred the training groups of farmers to a new training format.

At the very beginning of the season, when nature itself wakes up and requires more work in the field and garden, it was difficult for all of us to imagine how we could “upload” this practical activity into a virtual format! But there was no time to swing – after all the pledge of the harvest in the spring harvest.

Each company had its own solution in developing its own video trainings based on the approved six training modules of the IPM (Integrated Production Management). This was due to the weather conditions in the north and south of the country, the degree of accessibility of means of communication among the SHG members, the quality of mobile Internet by region, and other conditions.

Thus, video trainings agreed with the PIU are uploaded to the WhatsApp training groups of the SHG. Within a few days, farmers examine the lessons without restrictions and at a convenient time for themselves. In groups, there is a lively discussion of the material, exchange of questions and answers with trainers-consultants right there, in groups. Farmers send photos and videos from vegetable gardens, share notes, or records of accounting for the total funds of groups. That is, in addition to training, the vital activity of self-help groups is supported.

From March to July, companies filmed and conducted video trainings on IPM-1, 2, 3, 4, 5 modules in the north of 151 video trainings (on vegetables and forage crops) for 3,763 people, including 2,984 women; in the south there are 164 video trainings for 2831 people, of which 2806 are women.

The Field Day event showed that farmers are truly involved and interested in the topics of the video training. The farmer’s plot, which was selected as a demonstration plot, has become a veritable exhibition of results and an indicator of knowledge and skill acquisition.

The demonstration plots are provided by the project with biological products and organic fertilizers, soil samples are selected for analysis.

In July, farmers in Chui oblast harvested fodder barley. A busy harvest time lies ahead.

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