Component 1

Rehabilitation and Modernization of Irrigation and Drainage Infrastructure (total cost US$28.00million).
This component finances:

  1. civil works for the rehabilitation and modernization of the existing command area of I&D systems on about 60,000 ha managed by approximately 30 WUAs and FWUAs;
  2.  the provision of essential maintenance equipment to WUAs and FWUAs;
  3.  off-farm irrigation infrastructure, and water measurement structures at the intakes of around 300 WUAs for measurement of water delivered;
  4.  limited rehabilitation works on critical off-farm structures managed by the DWRLI.

Works to be carried out include the rehabilitation and construction of on-farm I&D canals, outlets, water measurement and other hydraulic structures; and some limited rehabilitation works on critical off-farm infrastructure to increase the capacity of six pilot Raion Irrigation Department (“Rayvodkhoz – RVKs”) to enhance their MOM capacity .From 481 WUAs nationwide, the 30 highest ranked WUAs meeting the selection criteria and not benefiting from previous rehabilitation programs, will be eligible for rehabilitation and equipment.The procedures developed by the DWRLI for WUA selection, I&D rehabilitation design and construction supervision developed under OIP-1, OIP-2 and AF will be used. This includes WUA’s repaying part of the civil works for on-farm I&D rehabilitation and part of the maintenance equipment provide under a technical credit. These payments will be made to an Irrigation Development Fund (IDF) for further financial support to the irrigation sector.