Component 2

Agricultural Advisory Services (total cost US$3.50 million).
his component will provide agriculture advisory services to WUA members within selected AA to increase irrigated agricultural production and improve access to markets. The project will finance:

  1.  training of WUAs selected for rehabilitation of I&D systems to contract and manage advisory services;
  2.  technical advisory services for 30 WUAs selected for rehabilitation works through provision of grants;
  3.  technical advisory services to WUA members in the 30 selected adjacent AA; (iv) advisory services for knowledge dissemination;
  4. advisory services for knowledge dissemination
  5. on-farm water management demonstrations.

WUAs selected for rehabilitation of I&D systems will be trained by consultants in the preparation of terms of reference (TOR) and the management of advisory services contracts.

Subsequently, each WUA will receive a grant for:

  1. contracting advisory service providers to assist WUAs in the preparation of agricultural development plans, provision of advice and facilitation of development plan implementation;
  2. procurement of inputs, materials, cultivation equipment, soil and water testing equipment or other equipment, and minor improvements in farm infrastructure required for the training and demonstration aspects of the agricultural development plan.

The targeted beneficiaries will contribute an additional 10 percent of the grant as cash or in-kind for materials, labor, goods and equipment for demonstrations. The advisory service provider will be selected by the WUA.

In addition, WUA members of selected adjacent AA will benefit from

  1. participation in demonstrations carried out in command areas of rehabilitated WUAs;
  2. selected training on agricultural productivity improvement and marketing.

Small contracts for advisory service providers for dissemination of best agricultural practices will be procured by the PIU. Demonstrations for on-farm water management started under the Water Management Improvement Project (WMIP) will be continued. All the WUAs in the selected 60 AA will benefit from the on-farm water management training.