Contract awarding: replication of finished IEM

“Agricultural Productivity and Nutrition Improvement Project”
Grant # TF0A0645
Kyrgyz Republic
Bid/contract No.: # APNIP/C.3/G/S/05-2
Description of the contract: Replication of finished IEM (booklets, cards, and visual aids)

# Name of bidder Currency Read off value of the bid
1 LLC “Triada Print” KGS 2 848 400.0
2 LLC “BS Prof” KGS 2 188 600.0
3 LLC “Kirland” KGS 3 016 344.0
4 LLC “M Maxima” KGS 2 897 100.0

Contract duration: 30 days
Currency of evaluation: Kyrgyz som
The contract awarded to the bidder: LLC “Triada Print”
Address: Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek city, Gogol Street, 28/a.
Bid price: 2 848 400.0 Kyrgyz soms
Appraised value: 2 848 400.0 Kyrgyz soms;
The value of the Contract: 2 848 400.0 Kyrgyz soms;
Rejected bids: LLC “BS Prof” in the bid  no signature and the seal is not affixed.

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