A coordination meeting of the oblast coordinators of the PF “Agency for Development Initiatives” was held

A coordination meeting of the regional coordinators of the PF “Agency for Development Initiatives” was held.

On January 28-29, 2020, under the Agricultural Productivity and Nutrition Improvement Project (APNIP), a coordination meeting of oblast coordinators of the PF Agency for Development Initiatives (ADI) was held, which was attended by representatives of the PIU. For reference: The ADI, under a contract with the APNIP, carries out work on social mobilization of the female community and the formation of self-help groups in villages in the coverage area of ​​30 pilot WUAs in which water facilities are being rehabilitated, and 30 neighboring WUAs.

At the meeting, the results of the work done in 2019 and work plans for 2020 were discussed. In 2020, 2,754 members of the 3 stream of the SHG in all regions will be provided with high-quality, certified vegetable seeds, and barley seeds – for the foothill villages of Naryn and Chui oblasts. It is also planned to provide small-sized equipment (drip irrigation systems, tunnel greenhouses with polycarbonate and polyethylene coating, drying cabinets, etc.) to 6098 members of groups created under the project in 2019 and 2020.

At the meeting, taking into account the experience of 2019, the issues of delivery and acceptance on site, the mechanism for the distribution of seeds and equipment among SHG members, cooperation with subcomponent 3.1 were discussed. The PIU provided answers, clarifications and recommendations to those participating in the meeting. It was also recommended to conduct a questionnaire survey of the SHG members in order to identify the degree of satisfaction with the APNIP, constructive proposals for the future.

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