We congratulate you with the Nooruz holiday!

Dear colleagues!
Dear Friends!
 Sincerely and from the bottom of my heart I congratulate you with the holiday of Nooruz!
Nooruz – is the day of spring equinox, with onset of which, spring fully enters into its rights. The word “Nooruz” from Farsi means a new day and this holiday is considered one of the most ancient holidays of human civilization. The holiday symbolizes the renewal of nature and person, the purification of souls and the beginning of a new life. In this day peoples congratulate each other, forgive offences, wish welfares and prosperities.
Traditionally Nooruz is celebrated on the 21st of March. A day before the celebration, numerous national dishes are prepared, while the centerpiece each dastorkon is considered to be sumolok.
I would like to congratulate all colleagues and the whole people of the Kyrgyzstan with this spring holiday on the eve of this bright holiday. Let the bright holiday of Nooruz inspire faith in the best and generates to each of us a desire for purification and creation.
I wish all for you good health, happiness and prosperities. Let Nooruz fill our hearts with joy and hope for a brighter future. Let each house have children’s laughter, happiness and welfare, and in our country peace and prosperities.

Best regards,
PIU Director
K.K. Beishekeev

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