Online conference with representatives of the World Bank on the progress of rehabilitation work in the WUA “Kyrk-Bulak” in the Leilek rayon of the Batken oblast

On July 10, 2020, an online conference was held with representatives of the World Bank (WB) and the State Water Resources Agency (SWRA) under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic joint with the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) “Agricultural Productivity and Nutrition Improvement Project” (APNIP).

The following experts from the World Bank participated in the online conference: Water Resources Management Lead Specialist, Project Co-Manager Mr. Azad Abdulhamid, Civil Engineer, Consultant Mr. Gazi Al Kelani, Water Management Analyst Ms. Togzhan Alibekova , Director of SWRA K.Zh.Tashtanaliev, head of the department for operation and irrigation reclamation systems and water use V.G. Gutnik, Acting Director of PIU U.T. Torogeldiev, Regional Engineering Coordinator (North) of PIU B.Usenov, Director of WUA “Kyrk-Bulak” S. Berdibaev and Director of OsOO “Gidrobeton Stroy” Ch. Ismailov.

The main purpose of the organized online conference was to discuss the status of ongoing rehabilitation work at the Kyrk-Bulak WUA facility, as well as further plans for the implementation of the APNIP.

Under component 1 of the project, a presentation was made on the status of rehabilitation works carried out in WUAs in all regions of the country. Thus, under this component, the rehabilitation work of on-farm irrigation systems of 30 WUAs was envisaged. At present, out of 30 WUAs ahead of schedule, rehabilitation works have been completed in 5 WUAs: WUA Bereke-C of Manas rayon, WUA Sulaiman-Suu and WUA Taimonku of Ala-Buka rayon, WUA Gauyan of Kadamjai rayon and WUA Kur-Tash of the Aravan rayon. Rehabilitation of these 5 WUAs covered 5,767 farmers, increased water supply per 10,076 hectares of irrigated land, in total, 55.2 km of canals were lined with monolithic concrete for 5 WUA irrigation systems and 334 hydraulic structures were built. The total amount of rehabilitation work amounted to 219,740,750 soms.

In 16 WUAs contract agreements have been drawn up and rehabilitation work is underway, in 1 WUA the contract is at the award stage, in 2 WUAs the preparation of bidding documents is in progress, in 2 WUAs the IDA 2 form is under consideration of the WB, in 4 WUAs the design estimate documentation is being developed.

In addition, during the online conference, one of the most important topics for discussion was the rehabilitation of the WUA “Kyrk-Bulak” of Leilek rayon of Batken oblast. Director of OsOO “Gidrobeton Stroy” Ch. Ismailov told about the work carried out under the sub-project of this WUA, described in detail the results of the work performed. At the same time, he promised to provide reports on the work done at the end of this month.

At the conference, the WUA Director S. Berdibaev expressed his opinion on the above sub-project. He noted that there is some positive progress in the work of the contractor. The detailed results of the work performed by the contractor were actually carried out, and at present, the work continues. He also informed that the water users of this WUA, for their part, did everything possible to create conditions for the normal work of the contractor, and he is very interested in the timely completion of the rehabilitation work.

According to the results of the contractor’s report on the work carried out in the WUA “Kyrk-Bulak”, the World Bank, SWRA, and PIU raised important issues on the rehabilitation of these WUAs and provided comments.

Following the results of the online conference, OsOO “Gidrobeton Stroy” was instructed to strengthen the pace of work and complete rehabilitation work on time.

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