Dear teenagers! Health and beauty in your hands!

Within the APNIP under the State Water Resources Agency under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, in 36 pilot Aiyl aimaks, from February 15, 2020, training of activists of village health committees is being conducted at seminars on the prevention of anemia in adolescent girls.

It is known that in adolescence, due to the intensive growth and development of organs and tissues, an increase in physical and mental stress, the body’s need for gland sharply increases.
Few people think that our well-being, activity and even appearance depends on the level of hemoglobin in the blood. Anemia in children has long-term consequences such as:

  1. lag in physical and mental development;
  2. decreased performance in the workplace;
  3. poor academic performance;
  4. decreased immunity;
  5. dizziness.

Therefore, include iron-rich foods in your teens’ daily diet in vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C and folic acid, which promote better iron absorption (green leafy vegetables, currants, citrus fruits, bell peppers, rose hips). Eliminate the consumption of tea, coffee during meals, as they impair the absorption of iron.

Take frequent long walks in the fresh air at any time of the year. Remember, with anemia, oxygen deprivation of tissues, brain and heart occurs. Follow good personal hygiene – wash your hands with soap and water, avoid unwashed fruits and vegetables, and keep toilets clean to reduce the risk of intestinal infections. Specific prevention of anemia is the intake of iron and folic acid preparations for 3 months, twice a year with a break of 3 months. Iron drug should be taken strictly in the dosage prescribed by your family doctor.

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