Agricultural Productivity and Nutrition Improvement Project” has started social mobilization of self-help groups in all regions of the country

Currently, “Agricultural Productivity and Nutrition Improvement Project” is implementing three main components.

  1. Rehabilitation and modernization of irrigation and drainage schemes;
  2. Agricultural advisory services;
  3. Nutrition improvements.

Among these components, Component 3 is an important and global component that discusses the issues of improving productivity, food security and quality nutrition of population. This component consists of 4 subcomponents.
3.1. Improved household nutrition through nutrition education.
3.2. The provision of supplemental nutrients.
3.3. Improved household nutrition through household gardening.
3.4. Improved coordination at the national level to ensure food security and nutrition.

Today we will tell you about the work held on subcomponent 3.3. “Improved household nutrition through household gardening.” This subcomponent is aimed mainly at the most vulnerable layer of the population in order to improve the quality of year-round nutrition and fortification of the diet at the expense of their own household plots.

As part of this subcomponent, social mobilization was held in 14 Water User Associations (WUA) of 15 ayil aimaks (AA) and 14 nearby WUAs of 11 AAs at the spring sowing campaign of 2018. During the social mobilization, 344 self-help groups (SHG) consisting of 2902 women were established. The quantitative composition of groups – from 5 to 10 people, an average of 8 people per group.

The SHG members received certified seeds of tomato, cucumber, cabbage, carrots, beetroot and sweet pepper for a total amount of 1 856 744 KGS. Depending on the climatic zones of the location of the target villages and cropping patterns, for each region, a set of own vegetable seeds for the sowing season for 2018 was formed. The number of vegetable crops ranged from 4 to 6 items per oblast. In particular, the SHG members of all oblasts were received seeds of carrots, beets, cucumbers and cabbage. Onion seeds were received by SHG members of Osh, Jalal-Abad and Chui oblasts, tomato seeds – all oblasts except Issyk-Kul and Naryn oblasts, pepper seeds are provided only for Batken oblast. Seeds of obtained vegetable crops are delivered to the oblasts and disseminated among the SHG members.

Currently, trainings for the SHG members on agronomic technologies are ongoing. The main direction will be the program “Integrated Control of Production” (ICP), which includes 5 trainings and the sixth training on processing/storage of vegetables and fruit and berry crops.

The program “Integrated Control of Production” is a seasonal training, consisting of a complex approach, including all activities for the cultivation of healthy and economically-viable products (such as amelioration of the soil, the use of disease-resistant sorts, pest and disease control, harvesting and storage, marketing, others.)

Currently, SHG female members are trained on the following topics: soil preparation, seedling preparation, sowing.

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